Tuesday, August 4, 2009

I have returned

I have returned after a long absence. I'm pleased to share with you that I just sent Tanya from Oklahoma $100.00 to cover college-related expenses that she needs to pay for this fall.

Education is obviously important and I hope Tanya's pursuit of a degree leads to big things in her life.

I also encourage all of you to consider trying to help others like I'm trying to do on this site. I'm not particularly rich and I'm sure most people reading this blog are not either. But if we can all do just a little bit to help out friends, neighbors and even strangers, maybe this world can be a better place.

Good luck and talk to you all again soon.


Unknown said...

Welcome back Scott. I did not realize that was your name when I addressed you as Fellow Earthperson (or something like that) when I sent you my request for funding of a Nigerian trip. I do hope you don't think I was being rude, though if you've been away you probally haven't read it yet.
As for the spirit of generousity, my great-grandfather Harry, the one I want to research, was known for such. Apparently he once tipped an elevator boy a gold sovereign, and was famous for the extravagrant parties he throw on his infrequent trips home. He would take over a whole hotel and they lasted for several months. Then suddenly one day he would announce-the money has finished, we must leave-and return to Nigeria, only to do it all over again a few years later!
Kindest regards, Nicola.

Vernee said...

Hi. I hope you are not laughing too hard. I sent in my request before I read over everything. I think I may have asked for too much. I asked for 10-20k. I see most people only ask or seem to get $100. I can assure you, I am not being greedy. I am asking for what I need. Anyway for what its worth, I am happy you are helping anybody with any amount. Thank you on behalf of all those you have helped and all those you will help. Its refreshing and I know you will continue to be blessed for being a blessing, you don't have to do it. God bless you and yours and take care.

me said...

you are a very kind and giving person, glad to see someone out there caring for others. God bless you.

pedeweedy production said...

what your doing is a blessing i hope you be bless with more im on the same boat in need so i hope you read my request andrew thompson

Vernee said...

Hello. Sir, I just have one question. Is there a limit to what you will give away? I have left a comment before but I never heard a yes or no. Please let me know, so I won't waste your time.

Martina said...

I'm currently living in a house that my mother left me. She had lived here for over 20 years so there is still a lot of her stuff here. I regularly donate it to charity! I'm sure that she would love this as well and it helps to feel good when you can donate something - even if its not money - because you know it will be put to good use!
I hope that you have seen my request and I hope that you will be able to help me but in the meantime you are doing such a wonderful thing here!