Saturday, January 22, 2011

Woke up early today and decided to share a story with you

I'm not sure why, but I woke up very early today. It's Saturday and I think I'd prefer to sleep in. But here I am, with it still being totally dark outside, and I'm wide awake.

I figured I'd take a few moments to share a story from a week ago or so.

I received a letter from a lady that I'll call Vanessa. She shared a story that is all too common these days. She's lost her job. She's been looking for another one but hasn't had any luck in several months. Unemployment is helping keep the lights on and some of the bills paid. But she has a child who is approaching college age and is considering attending one of several local schools.

One of my goals with this blog is to do just a little bit to make folks' lives better and help make the future brighter for everyone.

While some may not view paying tuition and fees for college as an immediate need comparable to medical bills, groceries and a mortgage, I see it as a way to provide a more secure future for one's self and one's family.

Not everyone necessarily has the skills or the opportunity to go to college. But everyone has the ability to work to make their lives and their family's lives better - whether that's through pursuing higher education, or by taking on a second job to provide a few extras, or through the charity work we do or even just by taking the time to read a few pages from a storybook to your child each evening. No matter our circumstances or the size of our paychecks, we each have the opportunity to enrich lives.

I decided to share $500 with Vanessa as my way of helping her enrich the life of her child.

As I said, providing money for someone is just one way to helping them to a better life. I urge you, no matter your circumstances, to wake up each day and try to find a way to make life better for you, your family and your neighbors.