Tuesday, November 16, 2010

I'm back and ready to give away more free money

I've posted updates very infrequently in 2010 due to the sheer busy pace of life and other distractions. I don't suppose this is the best excuse in the world. But be assured that I am back and hope to update this blog much more often.

Although I haven't updated the blog, that hasn't slowed the pace of my giving. I've received hundreds of emails over this year and have tried to reply to many of them. I continue to share what I can with whomever I can too.

Let's start out today with a bang. Today's letter comes from Dennis, who lives somewhere in Tennessee. He tells me he's behind on car payments. But without a car, he can't look for jobs and go to the interviews he needs to find employment.

I'm sending Dennis $250 to help catch up on those car payments and hopefully get him back on track with his job hunting.

I know times are hard. But we've all got to pull together and help each other out. If you came here in need, know that I'm reading your messages and considering them carefully. In the meantime, no matter how little you have or how difficult things may be, remember that there are others out there struggling too. Perhaps you don't have the money to help them. But there are still ways you can make a difference. Donate clothing or household items to a charity like the Salvation Army or the United Way. Offer to rake leaves or mow the lawn of an elderly neighbor. Surprise a friend and invite them over for dinner with your family tonight.

We're not all rich in terms of dollars. But we're all able to make the world a better place. Think about this as you go about your day today.