Thursday, October 25, 2012

Help for a family in Georgia

I read this article today and have decided to help this family whose difficult time was made even harder due to the greed and insensitivity of others. I would encourage you to offer what little bit of help you can. There is an email address to contact the family in this story. I'm sure they need all of the kind words, prayers and yes, financial support, that they can get.

Foreclosed family watches helplessly as craigslist crowds strip house bare
WOODSTOCK, Ga. -- A family in Woodstock, who just lost their home of 20 years to foreclosure and are preparing to move out, lost even more on Wednesday.
And it was because of what they triggered when they posted a craigslist ad Tuesday night.
Their online post was just a well-meaning ad for a giveaway in their driveway outside the small house, a giveaway scheduled to begin at 10 a.m. Wednesday.
I am awaiting an email response from the family. So I can't say yet that I've been able to help them. But I pray that some of us might be able to make their situation a little less difficult. I know all of you will do what you can.

Monday, October 8, 2012

Back after a hiatus from posting - looking forward to sharing some new stories with you

Earlier in the summer, I took a break from posting updates to, as many of you have noticed. During that time, I wasn't posting new blog updates but I was reading to and responding to emails I received both here and on the Facebook page.

I appreciate your patience during this down time and hope everyone realizes that even when I'm not posting on the blog, I am still around.

I received so many messages from so many wonderful people. It makes it difficult to decide who I can or should help, how much to give, etc.

So this time I chose to send $300 to Carl from Missouri, who needed help with electric bills that have been piling up. Like most of us here in the States know, it was a very very hot summer. It's really easy to run up the electric bill in a hurry when you have no choice but to run the A/C morning and night just to stay comfortable.

Carl didn't mention if he had a family or if he lived alone. But in any event, I think this will help get him back in the good graces of the utility people.

It does make me feel great to be able to help people, even if it's in a small way like this. As always, I encourage you to do the same for your friends, neighbors, family and even strangers if you can. It's easy if you try.

Have a wonderful day everyone. Keep the letters coming and I'll be back here soon with another update.