Thursday, April 28, 2011

Windy spring day - up before the sun and ready to give away money

It's about 5 in the morning where I'm sitting right now, and the wind is really howling outside. On the news, I've seen that some regions of the United States have been hit hard with spring storms. I guess I'm blessed to merely be woken up by noisy wind this morning, and I'll say a prayer for all of those families affected by the terrible storms in the south and east.

Since I'm up though, I thought it would be nice to update this blog so you'd all know I haven't forgotten about you. I've been lazy about posting this year, and finally have found a moment to catch up.

So I'll go to the mailbag and pick a recent message ... today's free money request comes from Mike in Kentucky. He wishes me well and expresses his gratitude for this web site. Mike needs money for bills - a common issue we're all very familiar with. Sometimes day to day expenses can overwhelm us. So to help with his household bills, I'm sending Mike $300. That should go a long way toward making a car payment or buying groceries, paying down a credit card or getting summer clothes for the kids.

I'm not certain what Mike will choose to do with this money. But I encourage him to use it wisely and, one day, pass the gift on to someone else who needs it.

Stay safe everyone. I'll be back soon to share more good news with you.