Monday, April 1, 2013

Birthday money for Emily from Ohio

I met Emily (from Ohio) via an email, as I meet so many of you too. She was 18, unemployed and was feeling bad that she was about to turn 19 without any means to celebrate her birthday.

Although a birthday celebration is somewhat trivial, sometimes it feels right to help someone with something small - a kindness that may not change their world but might brighten their day.

In addition to giving Emily $100 to take a friend out to lunch and have some left over to simply spend on herself, I encouraged her to seek some form of employment, even if it was part time work.

Do you have a request for assistance? If so, I'm still here to help, even though my posts have grown a little less frequent as my career consumes a larger portion of my time. Just because I don't post doesn't mean I'm not doing what I can to help.

Also consider liking this site's Facebook page. It really has helped get the word out. Remember though, I don't accept requests for free money on Facebook. Those requests must still come through this web site.

Thanks everyone. Talk to you again soon.