Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Lots of visitors lately. How are you finding my site?

I've had record numbers of visitors to the site lately - such as Monica of Port Clinton, Ohio. I sent Monica a money order for $75 to help with the cost of gas, which remains quite high despite dipping under $4.00 a gallon recently.

The problem is, my statistical tracking software isn't telling me where most of the visitors are finding this blog and this site.

As a small favor, I'm asking my visitors to let me know where they're finding the links to this site...did you use a search engine like MSN, Yahoo or Google? Are you finding it on a blogging site? Or are you learning about this page through friends and word of mouth?

If you want to share this info with me, just drop me a line or post a quick note on the comments section of this blog. Your help will be greatly appreciated and will really help me in getting the word out about this very fun website.