Monday, July 13, 2020

$200 For Kelly's College Fund

Kelly from Utah recently messaged us to discuss her college plans. Given all of the upheaval in our world today, it's understandable that some young people are struggling with planning for their educations after high school.

There's no way of knowing if our world will eventually get back to "normal." But what is clear is that there is still a need for education and it can be very expensive to meet this need, whether attending community college or moving out of state for school, in-person or online.

Kelly asked if I would be willing to fund all or part of her education. I responded that I'd be able to make a small contribution of $200. This may not be a lot. It probably doesn't even buy two textbooks. But I hope it makes a small bit of difference in her four-year adventure that is soon to begin.

Have a request of your own? Please message me and let's talk.