Monday, January 11, 2010

$500 to a couple from Phoenix

I've gotten several emails lately asking why I haven't updated this blog or given away any money lately. I figured it's easier to answer all of those questions here, rather than sending out a couple dozen emails saying essentially the same thing.

There are times when I simply don't get around to posting. That doesn't mean that I'm not reading your replies, responding when I can, or giving away money to those who want it and need. It just means that sometimes I'm a little lazy and don't post for a few weeks at a time.

Also, there are some people who write and ask for money, but specifically ask me not to post their details in the blog so that they can remain anonymous. I usually only use first names and your nearest major city (i.e. John Doe from Mayfield, Michigan may actually be called John from Traverse City on this site). But there are times when people ask that I don't even post that much info and I try to respect their request.

Such is the case today. A couple from Arizona will receive $500 to cover part of their house payment this month. Money was tight and they've written 3 times over the last four months requesting a grant of free money. I will refer to them as "a couple from Phoenix" even though they do not live in the city of Phoenix itself.

Nonetheless, I hope this money will go a long way toward helping them out.

As always, I appreciate and welcome your emails and requests, comments and questions. I can't respond to every message I get. But I will do my best to communicate with as many of my friends out there as possible.

And also remember that even though I don't post here every day, I still believe in my mission and still do my best to help those that I can.

Have a wonderful day!