Sunday, August 17, 2008

5 bucks, 5 bucks, 5 bucks, 5 bucks

I gave away a total of $20 yesterday to four different people. It doesn't seem like much. But when it's free, it's free.

$5 to Tammy of Newton Falls, Ohio.
$5 to James from Devonshire, Bermuda.
$5 to Alli of Chicago.
$5 to James from Tampa, Fla.

I'm going to continue to make an effort to send out more cash and money orders in the coming weeks and months on a more consistent basis and in larger amounts.

Please continue with your requests. Understand that I get hundreds of them and cannot always follow up personally to each one.

Thanks again.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

$20 for gas money to a student in Los Angeles, Ca.

I got a letter last week from Michelle B. who is 17 and lives near Los Angeles, Ca. She is getting ready to start college (do 17 year olds really go to college???) and said she could use some gas money or some cash for other expenses.

I was impressed that she was pursuing higher education, so I am mailing her a $20 money order that she can use for food, entertainment or gasoline for her car.

Good luck at school, Michelle!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

August 6...nice day for a giveaway

It's just a great day. So I decided to send $120 to Mick from Vermont. He needs to pay his electric bill and his water bill.

I just wish my electric bill was only $120! Does anyone know a good way to save money when you're running air conditioners in the summer????

Anyway, check back tomorrow, and keep the emails coming. You never know when I'll decide to give away more cash.