Sunday, August 17, 2008

5 bucks, 5 bucks, 5 bucks, 5 bucks

I gave away a total of $20 yesterday to four different people. It doesn't seem like much. But when it's free, it's free.

$5 to Tammy of Newton Falls, Ohio.
$5 to James from Devonshire, Bermuda.
$5 to Alli of Chicago.
$5 to James from Tampa, Fla.

I'm going to continue to make an effort to send out more cash and money orders in the coming weeks and months on a more consistent basis and in larger amounts.

Please continue with your requests. Understand that I get hundreds of them and cannot always follow up personally to each one.

Thanks again.


cindy said...

I think its sweet there are people like you are willing to help others in need.I know if I was rich I would be broke cause my heart goes out to others who are trying and life disagree with them and kicks them down.Its not the money its how you turn a persons life around or see them smile and really mean it.

Honestgal said...

5$? Seriously? Why go through all the trouble to pay 5$? Im sure your banking fees are more than that.....look, its a kind thing you are doing, but to pay the odd 100$ or 200$ to a lucky someone every 2 or 3 months, wouldnt leave a dent in my wallet either. Like i said, you stay away for a few months or weeks which give you enough time to save the odd 20$ or 30$ notes to eventually and hopefully come up with your occasional 500$ giveaway. And by helping people with gas money is unneccesary, these college students are young surely a walk to school wont kill them, its very good exercise, or they can take the bus or taxi thats not expensive at all. Rather help the people that are really struggling to pay bills and can barely put food on the table. Ive also noticed that you disappear during the December months which in my opinion are the hardest months due to extra bills and is a very long month by the way. Im not being rude, selfish or overopinionated, but having an "opinion" isnt against the probably going to get a few hateful replies, but im sure some of u will understand what im getting at. But thx anyway for your little contributions.