Tuesday, August 25, 2009

$50 gift for Brett in Lansing

I received an email recently from Brett in Lansing, Michigan. He requested $500 to make his next two car payments since money is a little tight.

I offered and he accepted a small portion of that money. So I have mailed him $50 to make part of his next car payment, get an oil change or fill up the gas tank.

I know it's not everything you needed, Brett, but I hope it is helpful.

Brett's request got me to thinking about automobiles this morning. The U.S. government's CARS program (also called Cash For Clunkers) ended yesterday. I'm curious if any of you folks took advantage of the program? If so, did you have a good experience and did you get the car you wanted/needed?

I personally didn't take advantage of the program. I wasn't in the market for a new car and my potential trade-ins weren't eligible anyway (one gets 32 MPG already and I haven't owned the other, a very old and rusty used truck, long enough to qualify).

Feel free to post to the comments section of this blog if you have any thoughts on the goverment's rebate program.


wantitbad said...

Hi Scott, I did not take advantage of the deal because I have a lease vehicle. I have a few friends that work for car dealerships, and they said it was a shame, because a lot of the people had the vehicles that qualified for the rebate program, but you guessed it, they DID NOT qualify for a loan for the new auto. Another kick in the butt for anyone trying to make a go for it in this lousy economy.

Bea said...
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Bea said...

I turned in my 1997 Ford Explorer and got a Honda Civic. I couldn't afford to keep fixing the explorer(lemon)but I really cant afford the Civic either so I made what I thought was the right choice and went for a dependable, great on gas mileage vehicle.

Bea said...
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