Thursday, May 28, 2009

$100 to Amy in Idaho Falls

I'd like to thank you for your thoughtful email, Amy.

Amy from Idaho Falls wrote a nice letter last week politely asking for some funds to pay for some supplies for her garden.

As I am also an avid gardener and big fan of growing your own food and learning to be more self-sufficient, I am sending Amy $100 to spend in any way she likes.

I am not able to give money to every person who writes to me. But I do appreciate all of your kind thoughts and requests. Even if I don't reply right away, I hope you find the site interesting and know that I will do my best to read every email as soon as possible.


Unknown said...

Oh please Lord, hear my prayer.
Betty Swinford

Anonymous said...

This guy is fake. All he wants to do is drive traffic to his website and earn money form the advertisers.

Scott said...

Samrocker, your comment is inappropriate and not appreciated. I am making no effort to drive traffic to my site and I run ads here to cover my basic expenses. I give away money regardless of whether my monthly site expenses are covered.

I'm going to leave your incorrect, and frankly very rude, comment up as an example to others. You are welcome to visit my site as you please. You are welcome to email me as you please. You're under no obligation to believe anything or agree with anything I do. But just know that I have nothing to hide and am sincere in my efforts.

Thanks a bunch, Sam.

wantitbad said...

Good Job Scott, and if I were you, I would not even allow such a post to stay on your site. samrocker probably asked for some help, and for whatever reason you did not respond, which is plainly explained on your site - some will receive, some will not. I know I don't need to tell you to keep up the good work, you don't need anyone to tell you that - You Already Do:):):)

Unknown said...

Scott, please hear my cry for help.
I am desperate. I had a man here today to serve papers on my husband- I presume to take away our car - we owe over $2,200.00.
He might have been here to take away our home. I was shaking and too scared to ask. He just drove away. I don't know anyone who has
money to help us.
I beg you, time has/is running out.
Please hear my prayer for help Scott.
God bless you nonetheless if you don't.

Angel said...

am also a very big gardening fan! I have a good deal of space in my back yard and my front for having a garden. It's definitely a way to eat more healthier and it does help moneywise when trying to save money for food!

I have to join in with the others and say that you are doing a very astounding thing here!

Why shouldn't you have ads on your site! I have them one mine and they are a very good way of being able to make money. In fact I hope that it shows others that they could be doing the very same thing if they would just start a blog of their own and put some ads on it!

You are a very unique and blessed individual and you are and will truly be blessed for what you are doing!