Friday, March 13, 2009

$50 to a nice lady from Oregon

Shanice from Oregon wrote me recently asking for some money to help pay the bills. Money is understandably tight for her right now. To help out, I've sent her a $50 money order. I hope it helps.

Again, I apologize to folks who frequently read this blog. I haven't had much time to post in recent weeks even though I'd like to.

Keep writing. I am reading your requests and responding with money to those who ask when I can do so.


BigDaddy30 said...

That's Nice.

Anonymous said...

This gentleman who is doing this project is setting an example and high morale for all of us. Joy comes from the peace of God fufilling us from the inside. Money is a tool for navigation to put us into others lives to help them on their journey.
Just reading this makes me look inside to see if I can help others more and if I am doing all I can to support and uplift others.

Anonymous said...

This gentleman who is doing this project with money is setting an example of love to all of us. We should be asking what he has in his heart that is driving him to do this for us. We should all be taking tips from him and applying them daily in our lives. Joy comes from the peace of God inside of us, not money.

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