Monday, March 28, 2022

Giving Away Free Money to Mitch - $750 to start a business

Mitch emailed me recently to request a small business loan to help build a start up company. I don't make loans and don't believe in encouraging anyone to go into debt to chase their dreams.

However, I do believe in the entrepreneurial spirit and working for one's self. 

I've earmarked $750 to support Mitch's idea and efforts. This is not a loan and not something to be repaid.

However, as with everything else in life, paying it forward is important. If Mitch achieves his goal and successfully builds his dream business, I hope he'll be able to help others in the future.

Good luck to you, Mitch!


Unknown said...

I can't make a miracle happen and I surely need one.

Erica F said...

Hello, I have tried to send you my story and it it will not allow the page to go through. Says to contact the owner. i need help. Please. I dont care if the whole world sees my story Im willing to post it here.

Anonymous said...



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Katie Golden said...

Hello I’m a full time single mom of 3 children & we are domestic violence for 5 years survivors please can you contact me please my email is I’ve attempted to send a request but it won’t let me. I’m happy to go more in detail of the situation through email with supporting documents if needed. Please please please we are in desperate need of help please! Thank you for your time!

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Derby said...

Hello, my name is Derby and I am trying to send a request and unable to. I am in extremely desperate need of your help and I have proof. My email is please allow me to send you my story directly so you can determine if your willing to help me or not. I swear you won’t regret it! Take a leap of faith. said...

hi. My name is Savanah, I live in Georgia, recently turned 21 and my Daddy was my best friend.
I lost my best friend to Covid-19.
“I was about 4/5 years old. I still remember the number apartment he had, that was on the second floor. Apartment number 7.
Apartment number 7 wasn’t just any old regular apartment to me though. Oh no. Apartment number 7 was a wild, magical place where there were fishies in the fish tank, strawberry shortcake blankets with stuffed animals piled on the bed, as far as the eye could see, a boom box that played “Peanut Butter Jelly Time” on the loudest level possible every Sunday morning at 7am. The movies: “Finding Nemo”, “Brother Bear”, and “The Little Mermaid” constantly running either one or the other…(The Little Mermaid might’ve gotten played more than others lol… just saying)
The Wild and very Magical Apartment number 7 had mid-day couch naps on daddy’s belly, only to be awoken with the smell of browning beef on the stove, being made for daddy’s extra famous, extra special-made-with-love spaghetti. But we just called it “Skettii”… with two butter crackers for the princess of the castle, while she awaited her feast.”

This is the start of the book I am writing in memory of my daddy. I write a lot of poetry and just generally write a lot, but lost my spark when I lost my daddy last year, on September 13th, 2021 @10:55PM. He was only 43 years old, and died of Covid-19 in his sleep. I’ve been completely and utterly torn apart by his sudden passing, and quite frankly my stepmother somehow got away with taking everything he left for me. Everything he worked so hard for… but I won’t get much into that unless I hear back from ya… I’ll just get straight to the point.
I just turned 21 in a world where my daddy wasn’t here to buy me a beer like he promised he would. I had an awful birthday, and I’m really tight on money. Like as in I only have $2.50 in my account as of right now..
The only thing I really want is to go see my daddy for my birthday please… He was in the military so he was buried with special honors in a national cemetery that’s about 2 hours from my house. I haven’t went to go see his grave since January and I feel horrible about it. I know that’s not where he is, but it’s a lovely place and I love sitting over there and talking to him…
Anyways, I guess that’s my story for ya… I’ll just leave my PayPal in the bottom of this message, in case you’d be willing to help me go see him. I was hoping for maybe $100? If not I completely understand. Anything would help right now honestly… God Bless and Thank you for your time and generosity. It means a ton
~Savanah Clark

Squirrely One said...

Hello. I'm joining in with those here who say the submit form doesn't seem to work. Probably better for you, since I keep crying while trying to write it. Hope you can get it working again soon.

Milly said...

Hi, your contact form doesn't seem to be working so, out of desperation... I'm posting here.

First of all I think this is increible you're doing this. Well... I am desperate. I need to pay the rent. It's €600 (I'm from Spain) per month and I already owe 3 months, not including the current one, and the landlady is really unhappy, and I am scared we'll end up being kicked out. I am living with many people (my parents, 2 sisters and 2 grandparents) and I am the only one working because those who can work among us haven't found any job in months, so I have to pay for everything for everyone... Rent, groceries, bills, medical bills... you name it. We can't even have the occassional nice lunch because we just can't afford it. Even though I work everyday it's never enough. Anyway... I know €2400 (four months of rent) is a lot to ask, but €600 (one month) or even €50, €10... anything would help...

You said you valued creativity, so I added some illustrations of women and coins I created with AI!:

In case you'd like to help us, this is my PP link:

Thanks for reading :),

Unknown said...

I have just relapsed gambling for the 2nd time I am only 20 years old, I got the urge to bet a little bit of money, next thing I know I am up 500$ and I decide to push it a little more, of course, I lost it all in the end and I have been chasing that loss ever since and am now down 2k with my credit card maxed out.

Crazy Cat Lady said...

I filled out the form to request money, but there is an error message when I attempt to submit the request, "Form over quota". If you don't mind, I am attaching my request with this message. Thank you for your consideration.
Please, help me save the lives of cats and kittens.
I am a cat foster and a kitten bottle feeder. Over the last 12 years, I have helped save the lives of over 200 cats/kittens. I currently have nine cats and one kitten; a few years ago, with fewer health issues, the average number of cats I fostered was 13, the most at one time 23 in a two-bedroom apartment of about 900 square feet. As you can imagine, keeping a clean litter box is a high priority in my home. Today, only one electric litter box has consistently good reviews, The Litter Robot. The newest model, Litter Robot 4, would fit all the cat sizes and weights of my current and future foster cats and kittens. This litter box may seem extravagant, but it is the only electric litter box to support my ever-fluctuating fosters. I am disabled and on a fixed income and can not budget the Litter Robot's cost.
Thank you for checking MEOWT!

Olutobi Olusesi said...

Please I need your help, the philanthropist if you see my message. My email is olusesiolutobi@gmail.comI need capital to start a business

I spent 3 hrs typing said...

I spent so much time asking for help here. As Ive seen this happens to everyone here. I do need help but am i wasting my time. My email is please contact me. Ive got one hell of a story and could use some help!

Growing in my startup said... please assist me on my journey in becoming a business owner to employ others in my community

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Martin said...


Ive been trying to submit a request, but i keep getting an error message saying that
Form over quota
This form has passed it's allocated quota and cannot be used at the moment.

Could you please help me out, im desperate..

Marie said...


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Leigh said...

I need you
To buy me some time
While I try
To figure it all out
It is difficult to put a price
On dials and numbers
But for a thousand Dollars
I can breathe a thousand sighs
Of relief
It would put my mind at ease
Spark my creativity
While I hustle
And pen my next story
It would pay my gas
My rent, new tires for my car
Maybe a treat for my dogs
It would tide me over
For 30 days
You see, I made a choice
I quit my job and chased my dreams
I am a lot happier and a much better me
I am systematically working towards my goals
With proper planning, dedication and an unwavering belief
That I deserve what I want
That I can have it
I may need a helping hand
You said all I had to do was ask
Can you, please?

Leigh-Ann Steenkamp
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Kay said...

Hi :) I am Kayla, I am from South Africa. I am employed as an occupational therapist. I got employed in January 2016. In 2021, I completed my master's degree in occupational therapy and I am currently doing my PhD in occupational therapy. With that, studying is expensive and we do not earn a lot of money in South Africa working as an occupational therapist. Therefore, I am now in $15000 credit card debt. I am struggling on a monthly basis and it is so stressful. I cannot keep up with my credit card repayments anymore. I also have a mortgage loan that I am trying to pay off monthly but my credit card fees and interest is making it extremely difficult. I would accept any help you can offer me. Thank you for taking the time out of your day to read this message, I also understand that you receive many requests and I might not qualify for funding. Thank you in advance. Email:

Christina said...

Here's one of my poems,

Through trials faced, I stood so strong,
Four months now, a journey long.
Rejections hurt, but I won't break,
From abuse's chains, I'll awake.

Survivor's path, with courage anew,
With hope as my guide, I'll breakthrough.
In this tale of strength, come what may,
I'll rise above to a brighter day.

Hi, my name is Christina. I am a single mom and a recovering addict and a abuse survivor. I have been sober for about 4 months now and have spent the entire time applying for job after job only to get turned down. I even went through and passed the entire pre-employment process with a company just to be told they went with a different candidate. I know I shouldn't be asking for money because I put myself in my own position, but I'm honestly trying, extremely hard to make things right. I just need a little help. My rent is overdue $800 and my car is about to get repossessed $1500. Please help me hold on just a little bit longer. I have put my daughter through so much already, I couldn't live with myself if she had to go through being homeless too. Please, please help, I will repay my debt. I don't know what else to do at this point. Thank you and god bless.

jessica.r.tim said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Osongo Ronaldo said...

Am a young Entrepreneur who has legally registered an IT firm in my State but am facing challenge of insufficient operational capital. Am reaching you out for any assistance on this. Am now stack at a budget of $300. Kindly do any inquiries for business legal documents.
My PayPal account email:

adwa said...

hellooo... I want to make a request money but after I submit my form it say "this form has passed it's allocated quota and cannot be used at the moment"
I'm sorry for the inconvenience...
I’m a 19 year old college student in Malaysia… and I was scammed
I lost $85(rm406.30) by someone who offered me $2000. There is a woman who dm me on instagram. Saying she’s giving away cash app blessings. She offered $2,000 which is like rm9,560 and I was short on money and I was foolish enough to believe her.
And later then I ask for a refund but she’s forcing me to get the $2000 even offer me $3000. I still reject her and demand my refund and then she ignore me...
I want to request $85... because I really need the money...please help me...
please contact me with my email:

Tracy Johnson said...

WAIT IS THAT YOU? OH SORRY YOU LOOKED LIKE THE MIRACLE I'VE BEEN LOOKING FOR. SO HERE'S MY STORY: I was really really stupid and when I didn't have enough money for rent I took what I had to the casino and lost it all. DUMB I KNOW. So here I am asking for $450 to pay my rent. I know your probably thinking I'll just gamble it away but the thing is that im not really a gambler i was just trying to stupidly turn my 100 in to 450 so please if this is at all real I need this rent by Friday. 5-31-2024. I promise you I'm as desperate as it comes right now. I'm a slightly overwhelmed 36 yr women who is very close to either turning to prostitution or suicide because I just can't stand the thought of being homeless again. I work at FedEx and its just seems like I can never get enough hours on one check to pay my rent by the 1st. I am really hanging on by a thread here. I could tell you my whole sob/self destruction story but I will wait until you ask for that. Its long. Just know I have literally been struggling to do this life thing. My instinct is to go catatonic and just give up and I've been fighting that battle for a long time. I know you must read these same boring stories alot but if I could just catch a simple break and get some relief I know that will help give me hope to continue my fight. Here's a simple poem my mother used to send me when I was at church camp:



Ps it wouldn't let me actually sign in to Google. My name is Melissa Johnson and my email is