Monday, March 7, 2022

Free Money for Olivia from Vermont

Olivia from Vermont writes:

My parents and I have been saving money for several years in order to pay for my college education. I'm still several thousand dollars short of my goal and I plan to enroll in the Fall of 2022 at a state university. Could you please consider assisting me with reaching my goal? Any amount, no matter how small, would help. I hope to become a social worker or work in a field helping others once I graduate.

I received Olivia's email and admired the fact that she and her parents
have been planning and saving in order to make her dreams come true. The cost of college is no small expense, and for most people, it requires years of saving, investment and sacrifice to pay for it.

With the cost of tuition, books, room and board and other expenses rising every year, it's more important now than ever before to find ways to pay for school that don't involve taking on massive debt at a young age (or any age, for that matter).

If your state has a College 529 plan, this is one of the smartest ways to save for your child's or grandchild's future. Saving a little bit each paycheck or making contributions to the account on a regular basis can really grow and add up over the course of 18 years.

I will make a $250.00 contribution to Olivia's college goals. If you can afford to put aside just $250 for your child's future today too, please do so! 


Unknown said...


I discovered you while working on a story. Your request/ contact form isn't working.

Erica F said...

Im not sure that this will CATCH your EYE, but maybe catch your HEART. I decided to search people helping people today because I am now more desperate than I have ever been in my entire life. My name is Erica, Im a 35 year old, single MOM with a beautiful and intelligent 13 year old daughter. Her name is Kaylie. I don't even know where to start. I have made bad choices in my life that I am not proud of. But I have to keep pushing. I am currently a student of Strayer University getting my bachelors degree in criminal justice. Things have never come easy. Its not easy for me to ask anyone for any money. My mother and stepfather have always worked so hard for what they have and taught me to work hard. I let my abusive ex ruin jobs for me. I allowed it. For years he beat me. i finally left. after that though my self esteem was never the same. I now live with my mother again. Last year my step father passed away .i helped my mom take care of him until his last breath. i feel lile a bum..i owe loan companies i just lost my job in november. my poor mom is paying all the bills on her small check. i have made so many bills for myself my daughters social security check pays just that. my daughter is adhd and has depression. my car broke a year ago ..i let it sit up could not afford to fix it. Sold it to the junk for 200 bucks i regret it. for christmas i could not afford to even buy my daughter a gift. my mom is so depressed. She drives my daughter to and from school every day which is 20 minutes away. she pays for Kaylie's braces 150 every month. we have foodstamps but food is going up everyday. My daughters father owes court ordered child support $1337. He doesn't offer to give us gas money for my mom who totes us around everywhere.. I turned to cocaine after i had my daughter but after 8 years, quit! I had no help i did it on my own. I've been sober for 7 years. i am looking for work i live in a very small town hardly any jobs in ville platte, louisiana. my mother cant drive at night either due to night blindness. i used to have 2 jobs . I was on my own raising my daughter. now i just feel like im in a jail. i feel like i cant do anything for my child.I owe so many loan companies Im not sure what's going to happen. i have no clothes. they are old. my daughter sees a psychiatrist because of her depression. i feel like at times if I was a better mother things would different. if i would have been stronger and did more for us and finished college. I have much more to say but I feel like Im rambling. we are poor. i have nothing. Im 35 years old should be running my own business and i have nothing. i have helped everyone i know for so long and never expected anything in return. but now that I've been broke down and out having problems with my daughters situations no one wants to come around. i just want a little help. like i said her father doesn't give her anything. shes in softball thanks to my mom gets brought there as well 4 to 5 days a week and thar is out of town as well. my daughters birthday is coming up she will be 14. im afraid i wont be able to get her anything. i have no money saved up for hard times. im trying to get bills paid off, by the end of my degree ill owe student loans. Im asking you please to help my daughter and myself. Im afraid it will be too much to ask for though. sick of seeing my mom pay for all the dog food all of my daughters essentials..everything. my mother even pays for a tutor for my daughter while im still paying loans that i should have never gotten. Im asking for $1000. But I would appreciate anything you can help with. i want to finish my degree and get my own place. until then im asking for this money to help with whatever my daughter needs, a little money to save for her future, to help my mom and just to help me feel like a human being again. This has all been eating at me. i have lost countless nights of sleep worried about everything. If i dont help myself now while i still have time, Im not sure what will happen.

Erica F.

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