Sunday, November 29, 2009

Reminder: Please double check your email address before responding

I'm posting this as a reminder for everyone who decides to email me to please, please, please include a valid reply email address with your message.

A lady from Georgia emailed me about 20 minutes ago but didn't include her correct email address and I have no way to reach her now.

This happens more than you might expect and is unfortunate because if I don't have a reply email address I can't follow up with you.

So, my friend from Georgia, if you by chance read this blog post tonight please try messaging me again. This time double check your email address so that I can write back.



Unknown said...

What you do is amazing. It completely knocks me off of my feet. Please keep helping people, as long as you can. You are a minority in this country because of what you do. Be proud of that. I hope to hear back from you regarding my request, but for now I am ecstatic at seeing new posts from you here. Thank you for updating everyone on your gracious gifts. You are truly extraordinary.

Anonymous said...

I hope you've gotten my email request's. I honestly need your help. I pray, pray that you help me. Thank you, Geri P.S. Have a Happy, Healthy Holiday's!

Anonymous said...

I hope you've gotten my email request's. I honestly need your help. I pray, pray that you help me. Thank you, Geri P.S. Have a Happy, Healthy Holiday's!

Anonymous said...

You are a gift from God. May God Bless you, sir. Geri

dreamer said...

Maybe thats what happen to me. I post one but I was so upset it may be wrong.

smarter than u said...

you could have just said u couldnt help me im havin ahard enough time as it is you didnt have to tell me to dream on an ive got to put it in gods hands i know as much good as i do in this world an although i dont have it to give i try to give when an where ever i can he lets me live this rough life for a reason an now i know that there is still ugly in this world an god dont like ugley

Scott said...

smarter than u,

I did not even have a chance to reply to you yet. So I'm not exactly sure where you came up with the information in your comment here.

I would never reply in a harsh way to anyone who emails me on this site.

I would never tell someone who needed help to "dream on."

You are either confused about who you emailed or you're purposely posting malicious information on this comment thread. Either way, I don't appreciate it.

I have the ability to delete comments to this thread. But for now I will simply leave yours up, along with my follow up comment, so that others can see what you have to say.

Ethel said...

Whomever left the ugly dreamer something..grow up. This man is very generous and is a blessing to us. So leave him alone, please.

Ethel said...

I desperately need your help. Please. I owe $14,400 on my daughter's car I got her (it's in my name) and I can't afford the payments. The car is a lemon and the salesman lied to me about the car being great. Now the starter is bad and it won't start. I don't mind doing without, but my daughter is halfway through her pregnancy, with a 2 year, and 1 year old son's. She can't pay for the car. I got myself into this by not knowing about finances and such and for some reason I thought I could afford it. I'm sorry I'm so stupid with a child like mind. I understand now what I did was wrong and don't get something I can't pay for. If you would pay the car off or buy it from me for what the car is worth (12,000 my loan company said) I can stop worrying and quit being sick (seriously) over this. My daughter really needs a car for the babies and going to the hospital for her test (pregnancy). She had an appointment this morning and she said she'd have to walk. I'm sick and cannot help. We need a miracle here. Please, help me. Thank you and if you can't afford it I understand and would you let me know if you're going to help or not? Respectfully, Ethel