Sunday, November 29, 2009

Christmas is coming and free money will come in handy for this family

Well here in the United States we've just wrapped up the Thanksgiving holiday and we're less than a month away from Christmas. I thought today would be an appropriate day to pick someone and help them with their Christmas/Hanukkah/holiday shopping list.

Mike and Katie from Georgia have asked and will receive a little extra help to buy some toys and clothes for the kids this season.

I will send a $100 money order to this fine family, along with my best holiday wishes and hopes for a wonderful new year.

Merry Christmas to you Katie and Mike and kids, and likewise to all of the kind and thoughtful visitors to this site!


jay said...

i am a sinle father..have had heartsurgery , tumor surgery on my spine , i walk with a limp..i could be on disability..but i keep fighting..i have been homeless ,lived under a bridge for 5 months,lost my home ,and am struggling..but ya know..i dont give up hop..thats the power i have over having nothing..but i ry..i just need some struggling again..its tuff..540-313-0283..if you cant help me..just help someone..ty...jay

Patricia said...

I just want to say Thank you for what you are doing .If more people lent a helping hand like you the world would be a better place.So many Drs today are all about money credit card companies just want to suck in the young and inexperienced.It is so great to see someone who is unselfish enough to help and doesn't think money is the most important thing in their world! Thank you so much! God Bless!

Sue said...

I'm just thankful for the opportunity to ask and it also shows me that the news has it wrong sometimes. There are still some very generous people in this world. I know one thing this site leads by example and as soon as my situation changes I will do the same. As it has been given to me I will freely give. Thank you!!!

Unknown said...

You have given me carrie on. you have a blessed sole.
I dont have money to give but i do try. to help people.
I have been careing for terminally ill elderly who wish to pass away in there own homes. yes it is heart breaking. But its there last wishes.
THANK YOU..for just being you!!!

calcitefahrer said...

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