Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Was in Maryland for several days, but now I'm back home and will give away more free money

I traveled to the Atlantic coast of Maryland last Thursday and spent several days seeing the sites and enjoying the last moments of summer weather. If you ever get a chance, I'd suggest stopping at Assateague Island near Ocean City, Md. This combination of a state park and National Seashore is absolutely lovely, especially the population of wild horses, as well as deer, birds and marine life.

Now that I'm back home and back to work, I'd like to give away some money this week. Since I just visited Maryland and had such a nice time, I've selected Selena from Maryland to receive $100 to use to put a payment down on a used car she'd like to purchase.

I can't say how much I appreciate the hundreds of emails I've received since starting this site just a few weeks ago. Your words of encouragement are wonderful. It is this kind of positive response that encourages me to continue to give away money to those who want or need it.

I plan to send more money to someone this weekend. Check back to get the latests updates.

If you'd like to ask for money, just email me and let me know what you need.

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