Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Back from the Labor Day weekend. Ready to give away more money.

Well, I was pretty much unavailable all weekend. Here in the U.S., we get a day off of work each to celebrate what's known as "Labor Day." It's a holiday to honor America's working men and women. And to celebrate, many of us use the day to catch up on work around the house, in the yard and even in the office. It's strange how we use our holiday to do more work, isn't it?

Anywhoo, I'm back at the computer and ready to give away some cash. I've received dozens of emails and will read each of them and respond to those who will receive money. In the meantime, I'm sending $5.00 to Albert, who lives near Toronto, Ontario, Canada. He didn't say what the money is intended for. He just was honest ... he wanted to request $5.00 to see if the site was for real. Well Albert, it's real. So is the $5.00 U.S. that you'll get in about 7 to 10 days in the mail.


If you'd like to ask for money, just email me and let me know what you need.


www.ezwaytoshoponline.com said...
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Honestgal said...

So Albert, did u receive your ridiculous $5 he promised? I bet u didnt!