Tuesday, June 16, 2020

$125 Free Money to Nellie for Groceries

Nellie from Tennessee contacted me recently. In these unprecedented times, many people are struggling with life's daily expenses. As Nellie explained, she wanted to purchase groceries last week but was currently out of a job and needed assistance.

Our family's weekly grocery budget is $125. We ourselves sometimes struggle to stay under $125. But even with the means to spend much more, we feel it's important to stay under budget whenever possible.

I will send $125 to help Nellie and her family and hope that it helps stretch things just a little further during a very difficult time.

If you currently have a job, feel very blessed. If you are out of work and struggling, know that this is temporary, others care about you and if you stay focused, you'll be able to bounce back stronger.

1 comment:

Unknown said...

Scott, that is beautiful of you to care for people whom you have never met and who you know little to nothing about.

Good night to you.