Friday, December 17, 2010

Contribution to a good man's Christmas fund

I received a letter recently from a man I will call Carlos. He's in the middle of trying to buy Christmas gifts for his family and asked for a little extra assistance from me.

He's working, but not at a job that pays what is necessary to make ends meet every month. It seems like a lot of folks have found themselves in a similar situation. They are working hard, but right now they're just not earning what they may have been making a few years ago or at a previous job.

I am sending $200 to Carlos to use toward his Christmas fund this year.

As we celebrate our various holidays this year, remember to be generous with family, friends, neighbors and strangers. If you have a little extra, don't hesitate to share with those who have less than you or who may be struggling.

I continue to encourage your letters and look forward to continuing to respond to as many as I can.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all of you. I hope to return soon with more updates.


Unknown said...

I think it is great that u did that.One year when i was working i won a christmas bonus of 1000.00.i went out bougth a butch of christmis gifts and put them on peoples porch who did not have anything to give to there kids .

Diesel55 said...

Your kindness and concern for the people that are in need around the country is moving, and what you are doing could really make people open their eyes and see that good things can happen.

blue said...


That is so nice. I was one of those kids when I was a kid. One year when I was 11years old, someone in the neighborhood lefted handmade birdhouse for all my family members. 7kids and 2adults. While we never learned who it was it was very thoughtful. There really is wonderful people in the wonder. The birdhouses is just one of a few stories like that from my childhood

christmas grandma said...

One year I worked for two months to buy Christmas gifts for all the children of the waitresses I worked with. Then threwd a party and every one came over and ate and opened gifts. It felt so great to help others especially the children.