Saturday, December 29, 2018

Sharing $250 with Juan From Arizona

I was recently contacted by a man from Arizona named Juan. His family has an unreliable automobile but they don't have the money to make payments on a brand new one.

I hope this small gift will help get Juan's family on the road to wherever they need to be going. It should cover a payment or two on a reliable, used car!

Many, many people email me each day. So how did I pick Juan for my response? He messaged me here on the web site, which is important. Although I have Facebook and Twitter accounts, I generally try to respond first to requests that come in via the contact form on I do read my messages on Facebook and Twitter, too. It's just a little easier to manage when they come through the web site.

Juan was also clear and realistic with his situation and his need. He didn't ask for a million dollars. He asked for help with his challenge and I tried to provide part of the help he'll need to get there.

I wish you all a safe and happy New Year. Keep in touch and I'll keep doing what I can for all of you.


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Such a blessing! Praying for a better financial situation for Juan and family!