Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Have you seen my new homepage, updated to be mobile friendly?

Hey gang. It's been a while, hasn't it?

I'm back and will be making updates to this blog in the coming days!

Also, have you seen the new homepage?

I've launched a new, streamlined and mobile friendly design that is compatible with desktops, laptops, tablets and smart phones. Soon, I'll be using this design to update each page of the web site.

Stay tuned!


Unknown said...

Please help me. I've sent a request. My family is desperate.

Linda Arringion said...

Glad to hear from u.
I thought something very bad had happened to you and your family.
There are so many that need help .
I hope you can help all of us.
Im asking for help with a teeter inversion machine my dr says itwould help my back soooo much.
Im in constant horrible pain
I cant walk without screaming out. They cost about $500.00 dollars. Im sick of just sitting on the side of my bed. I cant sit on furniture.
I cant get back up without help and im all alone. Tnx . for letting me know u are ok

Jennifer Backhaus said...

Isn't it amazing, when one is silent for a while, how the human mind works to create their own perception of what is or might be and automatically they allow themselves to generate negative thoughts. Why is this world so much a "WHAT'S IN IT FOR ME" place and why is it so hard to turn that thinking around and say " what can I do for someone else?????
You drop a tiny piece of bread onto the ground and next thing you know theres about 20 pidgeons fighting over it

Unknown said...

It's so good to know that someone is out there that cares for others!

Unknown said...

It's so good to know that someone is out there that cares for others!

Linda Arringion said...

Its a scam

theresa alfaro said...

May the angels always be by your side, for you kindness will spread out like butterfly's from one person to another bringing happiness and love..... thank you

Suzy Gutierrez said...

I send you an email with my request. Will you be kind to read it please i really do need the help.

Suzy Gutierrez said...

I send you an email with my request. Will you be kind to read it please i really do need the help.

Jackie Stark said...

I appreciate you giving me your time by reading my request for money and giving me hope that maybe someone in this world does care and really will help me. Thank you so much for at least considering my request for help.

Unknown said...

I sent my request I hope my prayers get answered

Tara Wulfekuhle said...

I sent my request I hope my prayers get answered

Veronica VEE Marmion said...

Love the new homepage. Also the pictures make you feel warm , relaxed and a sense of peace. Thanks for the update

smiley valenti said...

Hello, I just sent my second request, hopefully my prayers will be answer, or he or she will answer them like the person we are all asking for help. So everybody be greatfull if we do get the help. :)

Precious Beasley said...

Plz help get only child 15yrs old headstone that was murder 11-11-14 it will be 2yrs since this unexpected tragedy that change my life for every 11-11-16 with no headstone I have no source of income I lost everything apartment ect To pay for funeral expenses

Unknown said...

I am pregnant with my first child. I am trying to leave pa for a better life with my fiance as well as better health care. I need $700 to travel to California to be with my mom. Please help. It is a three day trip. My mom has trouble paying for our tickets. My fiance and I recently lost our jobs. We are stuck..

Email is

Loida Santana said...

$6000 is what we need. We have another sad story but rather not share it. God knows our need and Ihope God will open someones heart. Cecil Voorhees
129 clyde st
springfield ,MA01107
cash is best even if everyone that reads this sends something it will be awsome.

sonja wandelee said...

heb u een email gezonden ben in afwachting op u antwoord ,god zij met u die de armen en rechtvaardige helpen.

saif shaikh said...

Hello sir madam,

My name is is Saif from India I hVe needed some financial help I want start a small business for my poor family I'm working but I have not get more money please help me with some money j can start my life

Asa Chettri said...

Sir, my I'm from India plz I need help

Unknown said...

All I've ever wanted is a loving home and i finally have one with my fiancé who ive been with for 5 years. Its not the best home. we had managed to save 16 grand before we moved in (we lived with my fiances mother for a few years to save our money.) The 16 grand went towards the remodel. The doors were falling off the hinges, the floors were popping up. Holes were punched in the sheet rock. All the windows had to be replaced because they were broken, the carpet was heavily stained so we had to tear it up and throw it away. The floors still need to be replaced. The kitchen cabinets are falling apart. All of our savings are gone now and the house is in shambles. We live in a construction zone pretty much. We dont have any furniture in our house besides a bed that we share and a tv stand. I would give anything to have a couch or a dining room table but we have so much to do to this place, we cant afford it. We see a future in our little home tho, so i just try to stay positive. i know we will get everything done eventually one day. I want a child more than anything but i cant bring a child into our home the way it is now. I know im young but im not getting any younger... i always wanted to have a child before i turned 30 and i hope this house is finished before then. I just want to love a child the way i was never loved. I want to give my future child all of the things i never had. I want to create a life with the man i love. We have three dogs who i treat like my children and they bring me so much joy. They sleep in the bed with us. We have a fenced in back yard for them to play but i don't let them out much because like everything else in this house, the fence is falling apart also and i fear them getting out of the fence. it would cost $5,000 at least to replace it.. I just want our house to be finished so i can live the rest of my life happy with my little family and just feel settled. I want our home to feel like a home. I want our home to look like a home. I don't know what amount of money to ask for. I don't know how much it would cost to finish everything we need to do. I don't even feel comfortable giving you a estimated number because i feel bad asking for money to begin with. But if you read this, and you would like to help us, i would appreciate anything you were willing to give and would be forever grateful to you. I can send you pictures... my current address or any additional information you may need me to provide so that you know I'm not trying to scam you. there's so much more i could tell you that i haven't mentioned only because I dont even know if this letter will reach you out of the many I'm sure you receive daily. Anyway, thank you for your time. & Thank you for helping others in need, even if you cant help me. Light & love
paypal :

dora said...

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olamipe said...

Please help me with some money to start a business of my own l have tryed to get loan but because of my credit rating l cannot get loan please please $10000 will be okay for me to start .You can contact me on thanks for your assistance God bless

Unknown said...

How do u know

labain lometo said...

Lots of love from me and my husband!


Nerd Nation26 said...

My name is Diante and I don't know really what to say should I believe in this or not but I gotta believe in something earning money isn't easy as it seems over the years all I wanted to do was better myself and help out my mom but I'm always letting myself down and giving up but I can't cause I have to keep going I wanna be of help to myself and my family that's all actually so I hope to have an opportunity!!

smiley valenti said...

Hi i read mostly everyone comments, cool i think some are real and not,to each there own. Anyway i have posted 3 of them, when i really needed the money, but in time i have solve them and it was very very hard and i am still very broke. But at that time i did have prof to offer to say there is no lying of what i was asking for and free money didn't ask for it, but i know he or she is very busy, anyway now i am asking for B-day money i will be 58 in June 22 of next week and if he needs prof i can give it. I would love to have 58 dollars for my B-day same as my age. :) I wonder if that is to hard to ask for. If any it would be nice.

Brendi Robertson said...

IF ....THIS IS TRULY REAL??? then I think this is an amazing thing that U do....wish there were more people on this earth like you !! It sure would make the world a happier place......keep up the good things that your doing for people less fortunate Amen :)

Watson mumba said...

Am Watson from Zambia i need your help m.
I need financial help to pay a school fee for my kids please help me i need 3000dollar .
Call me no +260974824103 or email me no

smiley valenti said...

Well Waston, good luck on asking for that. I tried 3 times for when i at last end and thought i couldn't do it, but i did. And it was very hard to do. :( So now i am going to ask for anything that will help me out. And as long i have been on this site , i have never heard this person, if anyone got help from this website. Good day to all.

Watson mumba said...

Am Watson from Zambia i have a small family with two kids.
But am facing hardship in my life to find money to take my kids to school. Please help me i need 5000 dollars to pay school fee.
Help me please call me please +260974824103 or email me

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