Monday, July 13, 2020

$200 For Kelly's College Fund

Kelly from Utah recently messaged us to discuss her college plans. Given all of the upheaval in our world today, it's understandable that some young people are struggling with planning for their educations after high school.

There's no way of knowing if our world will eventually get back to "normal." But what is clear is that there is still a need for education and it can be very expensive to meet this need, whether attending community college or moving out of state for school, in-person or online.

Kelly asked if I would be willing to fund all or part of her education. I responded that I'd be able to make a small contribution of $200. This may not be a lot. It probably doesn't even buy two textbooks. But I hope it makes a small bit of difference in her four-year adventure that is soon to begin.

Have a request of your own? Please message me and let's talk.


break♡ said...
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paulo r. carumba jr. said...

choose Me thanks

Jennifer said...

Hope u choose me!!😋

Unknown said...

please read my request. :(


Can I borrow money for at least 200 $ Just because we only have money I Because lockdown here with Us I hope you can read this thank you


Can I borrow money for at least 200 $ Just because we only have money I Because lockdown here with Us I hope you can read this thank you

Unknown said...

Hi. I am in need of help for my higher and better studies. Basically I am a poor student in Bangladesh and want to establish my study in a better form in Germany. My academic result is remarkable indeed. And I can get admitted into a university in Germany with my result. But the hindrance is that I am financially unstable and my family, specially my mother is trying hard to get me admitted into a certain university in Germany. If I stay in my country then I would definitely lag behind for study gap and here I do not have any facility to build up my career in study. I would not be able to survive in this hostile society. So I am here to ask some financial support from any kind hearted, generous person. If you would help me then I would always be grateful toward you. Thank you.

Unknown said...

Good day!
I have lost my job since 16 Jul 2020 because of pandemic.I am 50 years old & difficult to find another job. I have 4 children to feed and send to school & my wife has Psoriasis that needs regular medication. Money is so difficult to find now.

I humbly seeking your assistance to start up Call Center Job work from home(Desktop & Accessories).

Thank you for your heavenly deeds & God in heaven Bless you more & more wealth, give you good health & long life, joy & love bloosom,
All the best.

Unknown said...

Maybe this pandemic was just a sign that we can't do everything alone. But in times like these everyone is in need. But not everyone will receive. As I keep saying. Follow Gods plan. Things will come to you in his time. Sometimes all we need to realize this is to feel hopeless. That is exactly how I feel. But its not how others should feel. For me it might be too late (Last year of study, no money to fund it, parents unemployed and about to lose our house). But for you, who is reading this, there is still time to change your situation. Yeah sure you might be battling, but as long as you have a roof over your head and a loving family, there is absolutely nothing that you cannot achieve!!!!

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